LB81 Microorganism – the secret of Bulgarians’ good health

Constipation is a problem that may happen across all ages and genders. Normally, constipation tends to occur more among aging women. By letting it becomes a chronic symptom, constipation may lead to other health issues such as hemorrhoids and risk of colon cancer, etc. This is especially among working adults who have to be under stress, consume a diet that is low in fiber, drink too little water, and have little time for physical exercise – all of which are factors directly affecting defecation.

Cause: Constipation may be caused by physical abnormalities or colonic diseases such as intestinal obstruction, colon cancer or neurological problem with the nerve involved or usage of certain drugs, etc. Anyhow, constipation largely occurs without physical abnormality but more so among people who eat a diet low in fiber, dislike eating fruits and vegetables or drink too little water as well as people who regularly ignore the urge to have a bowel movement.

Treatment recommended for constipation: choose to consume yoghurt which contains good microorganisms such as LB81. Our bodies contain both good and bad bacteria, hence, well-balancing is required. With less good than bad bacteria, it may cause a health problem. Whilst there is good bacteria inside our bodies, we can keep adding more good bacteria by eating yoghurt or drinking yoghurt which help increase the amount of good bacteria in the digestive system. LB81 (Lactobacillus bulgaricus 81) is one of the good bacteria that help enhance gut condition. It comes in both cup yoghurt and drinking yoghurt formats. Yoghurt with LB81 is very popular in Japan as it tastes good and there academic research support on health benefit as it helps improve bowel movement system i.e. softer stool, solve constipation problem by ease excretory and increases defecation frequency. However, other healthy habits are also needed to prevent constipation problem such as eating sufficient amount of fruits and vegetables, drinking at least 6-8 glasses of clean water per day, regularly exercising and adopting a routine schedule for defecation along with eating yoghurt with good microorganisms such as Meiji Bulgaria yoghurt that contain authentic LB81 from Bulgaria to help improve bowel movement and, thus, reduce risk of other diseases.