"Vanilla Summer Smoothie"

Approximated servings

  • 160ml of Meiji Paigen Culture Drinking Yoghurt for 2 servings


  • Measure out all ingredients and put them into a blender. Blend all until smooth and pour it into a glass. Set aside.
  • Cut the orange into 5 cm thick in a semi-circle slices (keep the peel). Garnish over the drink.
  • Cut strawberries in half with the green top intact and place them on the orange as per photo.
  • Cut 2 pieces of red apple (no need to peel the skin) in to 7 cm thick slices. Place them onto the other side of the orange as per the reference picture.
  • Scoop a small ball of ice cream and place it between the strawberry and red apple.
  • Cut a 4-5 cm long vanilla pod into half, length wise. Using a knife to scrape out the vanilla seeds onto the ice cream. This will add an extra aroma to the vanilla ice cream.
  • Place the seedless vanilla pod on top as per the picture.

Serving Size: 1 serving of 16 oz Glass


Meiji Paigen Culture

Drinking Yoghurt                                  1/2 cup

Meiji Low Fat Yoghurt                            2 tbsp

Whipping cream 2 tbsp

Syrup (Vanilla scented) 1 tbsp

Sunkist orange concentrate drink 1 tbsp

Lychee (canned) 3 pieces

Oranges (Valencia types) 40 g

Ice 2 cups



Vanilla ice cream

Fresh strawberries

Oranges (Valencia types)

Red apples

Vanilla pods